Torture Machine Halloween 2023


Toy Machine  
Torture Machine 
Halloween 2023 
9.00 x 33.00
Designed By Ed Templeton
Limited run of 75

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Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night, I remember Halloween, chupacabras hanging from poles, slutty nurses are out in droves. Upon you now for immediate consumption! The Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company Halloween deck is the razor blade in the apple, the poisoned candy enticing young ghouls with its bright colors and sharp edges. This is the deck you need for the looming Vampire Apocalypse because the tip of the board is the perfect  wooden stake to ghost-ride yer whip right into the still beating hearts of those bloodsucking hordes - or perhaps into the ankles of the couples wearing their “Swift & Kelce” costumes. We await your capitulation!

More Information
Brand Toy Machine
Item Board
Concave Medium
Dimensions XX
Color Ships Assorted Top Color Ply