Axel Cruysberghs / Stevie Gee 8.50


Toy Machine
Axel Cruysberghs
Betard - By Stevie Gee
8.50 x 31.88
Medium Concave
*Ships Assorted Top Color Ply

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Stevie Gee is an artist primarily Based out of North London, having exhibited his work worldwide but  now works full time in film and animation with his wife Essy May. Currently making a cartoon show that's set to be on TV in 2025. Stevie Gee Also sings in a fuzz doom metal band called Dickweed


Skateboarding was and will always be one of his biggest creative influences. He claims to still have my VHS tapes of Welcome to Hell and Jump off a Building. He Says Ed and Toy Machine have always been super inspiring so it was almost too much of a pleasure to do some deck designs for them. 


More Information
Brand Toy Machine
Item Board
Concave Medium
Dimensions Width - 8.50
Length - 31.88
Wheelbase - 14.25
Nose - 7.00
Tail - 6.75
Color Ships Assorted Top Color Ply