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Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 20

This time we have all of Kevin Barnett's photos from tour MEGA-POST!!:

But before we start we want to shreik in a Eve Libertine voice: LEO ROMERO is Skater of the Year!!!!

See the coverage of Phelps surprising Leo over at BURNOUT!
In no particular order we offer 100% of your Minister of Propaganda's photos. This is the Am team's uniform. The word uniform was first noticed in 1748. Hey read the Jordan Taylor interview...
Austin was the king of the basketball shooting game in Dan-Lu's backyard. A fact that still keeps Billy up at night.
A Praying Mantis chose Austin's head to land on. Is this a sign?
Bagel shop Baby and Brother, El Paso, Texas.
Bill is so tiny I can just throw him around, or were we dancing?
Billy tries to best Austin, but can't.
Billy's experimental prototype shape. Perhaps all next season's hot brands will be coming out with something similar?
Tested by the master himself. "It makes my switch flips sound really cool, and creates an dithered air displacement effect that I think aids my boards motion through the atmosphere, hence increasing my flip status." –Billy Marks
"I smoke through the bagel, it makes it more healthy." –Billy Marks
A free board goes out to a Loyal Pawn.
Kevin shoots Josh, Matt, and Diego as they simmer in the human soup of Daniel's hot-tub time machine. This time the tub takes them back to 1969 before they were all born, to see the first moon landing, and to watch Hell's Angels kill a guy at a Stones concert.
Daniel gives a Thumbs Up - one finger away from an execution.
Party Prep.
"Deanna, pump the gas for me!" –Ed Templeton
"Dude, I'm not shaped like a brick!" –Diego
The baby hat.
Ed signs a cement worker's shirt, El Paso.
Ed shows how old he is. This came out in 1995, he was already pro for 5 years.
Even the Tempster beat Billy!
Ed finds some new art on his way into the Hooters casino, Las Vegas.
Grif appears in Albuquerque.
They don't get free Chipotle OR Monster energy drinks, what a gyp.
Your'e not allowed in the Handsome seats section, they're reserved for Austin and Josh.
Wasn't this photo on a different post shot by someone else? We'll I guess we've cannibalized ourselves to death.
Different day, slicker hair.
Johnny is high on life and other things.
Jordan prepares for some night-life.
Jordan stares at Jordan. It all comes full circle.
"It's finally getting dark enough to start the rave!" –Josh Harmony
Josh amongst his many fans in El Paso.
Harmony dons the camera and realizes that he would not like to do this for a living.
Josh is the one who nacho cheese tagged the van? That sucks because I had to clean that off.
Josh sneaks some stickers into the car of a skater kid that ran into us at Starbucks. Surprise!
Leo picks up his newest urban cowboy hat while Diego tries one on...
Lets get fucked up and ride the mechanical bull!
"Hey, this guy really did get some coverage!" –Leo
Leo loves to finesse Ed's weiner before going to the plaid-fest.
There is always great pain and bodily destruction behind any skater of the year.
The skin of my foot is falling off.
Sunday was Leo's Birthday, Happy Birthday holmes!
My Faaaaaaaaaaace!
This is some trippy shit. Leo's house is filled with it.
Leo assaults J-Lay.
Matt B signs some stuff in El Paso.
Matt B should ride the rails...
Mike Sinclair signed some boards too!
The morning after...
Mega-Pawns in Albuquerque. Proof that the Brain Washing is taking hold.
I have no idea what this means, but I'm backing it.
Oh I found out it was Sinclair signing a Neff beanie?

Dan-Lu angles in for some humping.
Only Sub-Humans peirce their face.
Two Toy tats from a long time ago...
Posted November 29th, 2010 by Well isn't that special now let me sleep...
i ..wanna comment.. but..
im too tired.

brain fart

ill comment on this epic post later on, but before i forget i wanna point out i was watching "half baked" the other day and noticed theres a toy machine monster sticker in the potheads' room.


thank you, good night.
Posted By: fresh from mex on November 29th, 2010 at 02:50AM PST
I´m loving Leo´s mustash. Everybody on the team should have one. By the way, my doctor says smoking through a bagel really does help.
Posted By: emilie on November 29th, 2010 at 04:22AM PST
hah! you can see Dan Lu's signature on that chic from el paso's boobs!!
Posted By: mario perez on November 29th, 2010 at 06:29AM PST
I saw that sticker too, Fresh.

Happy birthday leo.

The "high on life and other stuff" reminds me of this shirt my friend has. It's a ninja turtles shirt that says "high on life not drugs" It's funny because he does drugs.
Posted By: john on November 29th, 2010 at 11:28AM PST
Another mega post with almost 60 photos?

I really need to know the secrets of your time

Did you lose weight? It looks like on the pic with
Leo. Nice Shirt,btw, really suits you well.
It also kinda looks like some brokeback moment.

Damn, I gets me trippin...Ponda Rosa
a more private Toy Video...

The Baby looks like he gets eaten by his seat.

Smoking through a bagel?
I saw Kennedy once, smoking through an apple.
Gets him this always juicy smile, I guess.

The trippy shit photo... Leo has a glance in his eyes,
you normaly just see by someone who just recently
had his first sex.
Did that happen? No...

That Carroll Kid again, he´s just too nice.
He could become the next McCulkin.

Carroll Kid, that name will follow him,
till he grows a mustache and starts
wearing hats.

"Cool guys don´t look at explosions",
with the last pic.
Great to photoshop some Apocalypse Now
scenery into the back.

No..wait.. they´re actually sitting and standing on
a tagged whale, while they´re on a parade through
Mexico, celebrating Leo´s SOTY.

First snow in my hometown today.
It´s officialy winter.
Gotta go, chop up some firewood now.
Posted By: S van on November 29th, 2010 at 11:51AM PST
SPAM: video for my kickstarter fundraiser featuring my toy machine hoodie
Posted By: Hemlock Drew on November 29th, 2010 at 04:49PM PST
kind of ultra stoked on those turtle boy shirts. also excited about the rave. yeah those kids are so cute.
Posted By: Hemlock Drew on November 29th, 2010 at 04:55PM PST
omg its past 9 pm and jgonz has not commented.
i pray the lord he's alive and sane.
Posted By: fresh from mex on November 29th, 2010 at 09:17PM PST
I need me a uniform!LEO's foot is so gnarly!
Remember to brush those teeth kiddies!
Posted By: josiah on November 29th, 2010 at 10:53PM PST
Wow, Ed, Deanna even looks great pumping gas!!!! Rad pic...
Posted By: clew on December 2nd, 2010 at 09:25AM PST
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