Toy Machine demo at Exit Real World.

"Despite the torrential rain, the demo went unbelievably well. I would say we had at least 500 kids hanging out at the shop. MAYHEM. Your guys signed everything from butts to geometry books and nobody was turned away. They signed autographs for about 2 hours before going to our local skatepark and skating our wet, shitty park for about 150 spectators, who were still around despite the demo being presumably "rained out."

About 20 minutes before the last autograph was signed, a few of the local skaters and one of our staff went over to squeegee, mop and blow dry the park. The kids really wanted to see some skateboarding--about 5 kids took their shirts off to dry a path to and from the pyramid!

Your guys eagerly obliged and skated for about 45 minutes, which was way more than I expected, given the circumstances. They are champs.

Thanks a ton... Hats off to Toy Machine."

-Jake and EXIT crew

See the pics on the slideshows page Toy Machine demo at Exit Real World.

Exit Real World is a great shop in Salem Oregon. Check out their site

Posted May 18th, 2005 by Jake at Exit Real World.

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