Events From September 2010

Victory Over Darkness

My freind D.V. Devincentis is having a photo exhibition at Family Bookstore.
Go there and look at live photographs, and browse and maybe buy a sweet book or novel or CD from your favorite artists. Its a win-win.
Posted September 27th, 2010 by make purchases to end the already ended recession
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Scratch My Name on your Arm

Deanna Templeton will be showing her Body Autograph series in Los Angeles.
Get more info at
Posted September 27th, 2010 by Be there with mega-posse or be trapezoid.
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Josiah Joined the Sect Sock Swarm

Recently went to new mexico and so did turtle boy and transistor sect!
"The senery was amazing so I thought why not take some pics of my favorite companys socks. I stole the idea from ed templeton! Im a frequent commenter and thanx!" –josiah herrera
Turtle-Boy and Sect are seeing the world via the Toy Sock Swarm.
Turtles and snow dont mix.
But the Monster feels rigt at home around fire.
Posted September 20th, 2010 by Will there be more?
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ENTER TO WIN----->Gear 4 a Year!

Can you afford not to?
Starting today skaters can upload/embed their videos for a chance to win Gear4aYear!
The winning rider will……
- Officially be put on the “flow” team of seven top skate brands for one full year including:
  GoPro, Toy Machine, DC, Quiksilver, Theeve, Bones, Dakine, and Armourdillo!
- Get their photo in The Skateboard Mag!
- Win a free week at Camp Woodward!
- Be entered into Tampa Am!

Also, everyday during Gear4aYear GoPro is giving away one free HD camera to their favorite video of the day.  
Even if you don't stand a chance at winning the contest, but have one good trick, slam, or just something unique you can win a camera!

Don't be a WUSS. ENTER TODAY!!!!
Posted September 16th, 2010 by a no brainer bro, you do this already.
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Another female steps forward...

Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010
Subject: toy machine tattoo

I've been making up stories for what this tattoo represents for years now, but
the truth is just some blood sucking skateboard company tattooed on a
girl's leg. 

Love Dorian
Posted September 7th, 2010
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These decks are clinically proven to help you skate better. Just look at Leo Romero, do I even need to go on?
If your life is boring and dull, try some Toy Machine, it does the trick.
Posted September 3rd, 2010 by get them while they are hot and collectible.
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Loyal Pawndom at it's finest...

A series of emails from Chad VonTobel:
Hows it going?
I decided to take down all of my TM stuff i've collected over the last 11 years of skateboarding (im 25 now and started at 14) and dust it off and take some pictures.  There's also some pictures of my TM tattoos. They are both older and a little faded. I had a friend do the monster on my ankle about 7 years ago! And the sect is almost as old but from a shop. Ive ruined plenty of TM decks so this isn't everything ive had TM.
I live in Las Vegas NV and i've never seen a demo or got to meet Ed or any TM people (my own fault) but i love the graphics and Ed's art. I used to sit in high school and draw Sect,Turtle Boy and the Monster on everything. I spoke with a woman on an art website and she told me the price for one of Ed's original pieces is really expensive! I know its a stretch but all i really want is something Ed has originally drawn and maybe signed. I know most kids have to stand in line for like 9 hours so i understand if i cant get something. Even if its just a small scrap of paper it would be so cool. Id frame it and hang it in my house.  Ed's my hero. And i'm a loyal pawn for life.
Chad Von Tobel

(Those aforementioned tattoos)
I also made this group on  Please check it out!  I know myBerrics is really lame, but this group is the only thing TM on that website and it makes me feel like i can do my part to make Ed some more money so he can keep going to awesome places and keep posting beautiful photos of everything and making TM stuff. There are a lot of potential loyal pawns just sitting there online waiting for you snatch up and devour their tiny little souls. Ya know?
By the way I know the blue deck in the background isn't toy machine but it is a shoe rack I made from 2 decks and they are attatched to eachother.
Didn't mean to write you so many e-mails but this ones the last. I keep finding other TM stuff and thinking awww. I wish this was in the picture. Like the TM temporary tattoos! So cool.
Posted September 1st, 2010 by how does this make you feel?
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