Nuoro, Italy: Part 7

The rest of my time in Nuoro, and the start of some time off in and around Olbia, Sardegna.
The day after the opening we took off again to Cala Gonone on the coast. This time with Thomas from Belgium, and his GF Regina from Spain.
Here was a poster advertising one of the many beaches you can visit by boat...
I love Europe.
The boat stopped inside the cave to drop some people off.
It was very nice in the cave entrance. I need to come back someday to explore it.
Enchanting, no?
Thomas and me finding a way to get some rock jumping in - like Catalina...
I turned 30 fucking 8.
Regina sees some people who died with her name...
In Sardinia, they post up death announcement posters on the street. Best 'Street Art' I have seen in a while.
Thomas is busy trying to get cancer after dinner.
The show from the stairwell...
A family enjoys the peep-hole in one of my heads.
Another roadside attraction on the drive from Nuoro up to Olbia.

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Beautiful caves.

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38 and still cliff jumping. not bad.
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rockin' photos
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