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Jeffro the Guitar Kid

Most days this young man is out on the pier doing his music. Most days I shoot a photo of him.
I recently spoke with him and sent him some of the photos. Here is part of his reply:

Yo Ed. Thanks for these. My favorites are the ones with the little kid who's interested in my deal. I enjoy interacting with little kids a lot. I think the picture where the mom is trying to get the little kid to move along and go with her is my favorite. I also really like the picture with what seems to be an Asian lady. I wonder if I've seen her out there before walking around. some of the old Asian ladies go out regularly. I like the picture with the guy whos holding flowers. him and his company seem to be very aware their pictures being taken. I always just try to focus on the music. I've kinda felt over the years that if you're street performing people want to see you get into what you're doing, they don't really want or need you to acknowledge them. they want to see you be natural, and get lost in what you're doing. they want to see you be you without the sense of your being watched. sometimes it scares people away when you acknowledge them too much. they might think you want something from them. or maybe it just breaks the moment. I remember John Lennon once said "In new York they're cool, but in paris they make an effort to be cool, there's a difference." or something like that. it's the same rule. just be yourself, don't try to gain their attention or reject it or anything. you being you is what's best. don't make an effort towards anything. they'll feel your energy and respond to whatever it is, good or bad. but if someone is clearly interested I will try to nod or wave or make eye contact with them because I am grateful for their interest.
Posted March 27th, 2014 by Not so benevolent underlord.
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