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News From July 2009

Nick T at the X-Games?

With a Bill Marks sighting thrown in for free.
"Wait, do I go over there?"
"Bros, I'm over here at the half cement half wood fake skatepark."
Some of the LE posse came to watch the shredding.
The aforementioned shredding.
This part of the course looks pretty cool. Gap to everything due to grass...
Gap to lip. Did the X-Games hire graffiti artists to come and "make it look like the streets?"
Axe body spray and the US Navy bring you... Nick Trapasso skating authentic fake street.
The Arizona-Florida connection...
Steamer and Trapasso. Toy Machine blood.
Billy showed up to collect the rider gift basket, then turned around and went home. Yeah I said Rider Gift Basket. I'll have to find out what comes in it. I got 100 bucks that there is some Axe body spray. I used that once and 20 hot girls attacked me and wanted to have sex with me, just like the commercial.
Nick's posse came to score some free food.
Front feebs, son!
Nick was thinking about what body spray would do to his already babe magnet self. It could turn him into some sort of uber-clooney hyper-attractive mega-stud... or not.

Take a sneak peek into Leo's house over on Burn-out...

See a new Toy Tattoo Y/N?
Posted July 31st, 2009 by Might as well call us perv-machine
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Double Dipping... the special secret sauce.
Diego went all Stevie.
Of course, Kincade was there to get appropriate.
Damn look at that buttcheek.  Oh shit, there's Grant scorching a back smith again.  
JLay kept it green after a trip up Norf.
Josh seemed stressed out about something...
He couldn't figure out which way to ride his board.
The problem was quickly alleviated with some Silverados.

Check out Billy Marks schralping at Woodward West.
Posted July 30th, 2009 by Hear The Lamentations of Their Women
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Tempster Springs From Womb (37 Years Later)

Nobody asked for it but here it is anyways; Edward lubing up his shirtless torso.
After arrival it was straight to Joe's for the boat and onto the ocean.
Austin was having a blast.  This is the beginning of his vacation.
Grant was so excited he was jumping shit left and right.
Tempster was trying out some common aging skate-star looks.  Here he practices his Out-Of-Touch-Dorkwad face.
But switched up to the Tragically-Hip-Over-The-Hill-Bro type as it is more intimidating.
Grif was a latina diva in another life.
Any info please call.
A very good day indeed. 
Posted July 29th, 2009 by Your Mom's OBGYN
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Happy Birthday Tempster

The life-blood of Toy Machine is 37 today.  Mega-post to follow.
Posted July 28th, 2009 by The Sands Of Times Slipping Through Your Buttcrack
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Totally Tubular Weekend

For Surfers, Skaters, Perverts, BMX'ers, Weirdos, People Watchers, Free Schwag Collectors, Exhibitionists, and any combination thereunder the Extreme Beach Culture weekend of the US open in Huntington Beach is your Valhalla.
"WTF bro?, help me!, this kid has me in a full nelson"
Phone numbers and autographs go right on bare skin in HB, why ruin your bathing suit?
Call me. Or better yet, take me home.
The sect punch toy was there and had an effect on all whose lives they touched.
Sinclair caught Ed and Deanna in "Lurk the Beach" mode. This is where Deanna gets many of her famous photographs.
"I saw a lot of crazy shit this weekend. My photo finger just wasn't able to document as much as the eye." -Mike Sinclair.
"I wanna skate that bowl like Mike V."
The double bowl and bleachers packed with people.
The winners. That Curren kid is 13 or 14 and skated that ramp like a man. Apparently he got punched by a 50 year old man yesterday, I don't know the circumstances.
Helicopter rescue. The surf was realy big. Some dude died at "the Wedge" in Newport Beach
Big day at the wedge footage sent in by Josh Harmony
Dave Swift from The Skateboard Mag had an inappropriate relationship with T-Sect.
"It's just water officers, we swear!"
I skated with this guy every day. Jamie Hart.
Proffessor Schmitt was there, I had a nice talk with Paul, told him I shouldn't have ever quit New Deal back in the day, but that I have no regrets about starting Toy Machine. He was the coolest ever.
Jose Cerda, moi, Ron Chatman, Skip Pronier. Put this in yer pipe and smoke it.
Posted July 27th, 2009 by Well, Well, what can one do?
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J-Lay schralps a bowl, Huntington Beach

Converse bowled mini-ramp contest in Huntington Beach, California TODAY! (And tomorrow too...) Come down and perv out on all the tail brah!
J-Lay raked up 50 bones for raging a clutch nose-pick at the top of the over-vert cradle. Boo-Ya Johnny! (FYI - I'm gonna do this post in HB bro-brah language.)
Johnny Layton lofts some serious aerial to tail slappage, brah. Totally killer.
"Dude Layton's got some serial ink-age, bro, so ganrly."
Longboard with doggy bed and pirate flag, checkered Vans, cruising the bike path for chicks, bro, livin' the life brah!
Dude-bro, why do those hipsters have cameras? "Oh my gaad, erase that pict-ture!" "It's a film camera bitch."
Sinclair scored some sweet picz, brudda!
A perfect dismount. Holmes was there laying down some smooth ass lines fool, hawaiian steez, brah. Mike V should be here.
Ed was there in shorts and flip-flops trying to be in disguise as a bro-brah, well he is an actual HB local... Later he was heard saying, "Locals Only you inland kooks, go back to La Mirada!" Ed is seen here with legendary skater from San Jose, "Reeps." I couldn't find any footage of Reeps, so here is Corey O'Brian's video part from Santa Cruz's Streets On Fire. It says Reeps is in there according to this website. They were bros. Ed looks a lot like one of those camera toting hipsters with that tote-bag.
A shot of the bowl, bro, dude, you said bowl, I would totally pack a bowl right now. 4:20 snootchy bootchie!
Transistor Sect conference:
"I say we take over the world."
"I concur, we'll take over the world!"
"How, when nobody buys Toy Machine?"
"Dude, we have Leo Romero, he will rally all the Mexican skaters to our rescue!"
"Where is your snork, brah?"
"I slicked it back, rockabilly style."
"Oh, snap."
"Did you just say "Oh Snap"?
"Yeah, I did."
"Where the hell is Nick Trapasso?"
Posted July 25th, 2009 by So much ass and cleavage it's overwhelming.
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Remember that Johnny Layton ad?

This one < click to see - Well that day the posse ran deep. (so deep it put her butt to sleep) (yeah, you thought I wouldn't write it.)

Here is some "behind the scenes" documentation of that day.
"Whoa, check this out, you could ollie over this..."
This is posse has pretty much reached "gang" status in the eyes of a cop.
I see Nick T, and Matt B, also the Nuge and Slash...
A sleuth of bears.
David and Nick.
A failed attempt.
Abdias getting chewed.
Stuff happening. See all the ads in the ADS section...

What is Ed t's photo blog looking like?

Posted July 24th, 2009 by Time to get up and out of the house.
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Down for Life

Yet another falls victim to Toy Machine's brainwashing...
Marlin Mayo has converted to Toy Machine. I wonder what board he is currently riding?
Inked since 2003.

Oh yeah, Ed is back from his trip and posting again.
feel free to not go there.
Posted July 23rd, 2009 by your leopard shark master
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The Butcher's Choice Cut

A blast from the past in the form of an old Think video from El Diegs.  

Posted July 22nd, 2009 by Ears and Greg
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One Of Those Days

This is the photo from today.  Sometimes its a lot of driving.
Posted July 21st, 2009 by Well Do Ya, Punk?
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Butcher Time

The Butch is back today.  He has an updated website as well.
In any language, Diego kills it.
Whoa, look at all that poop.
This day in history, remember this?

Posted July 20th, 2009 by In All This Excitement, I've Forgotten Myself
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Austin's Weekly Video Pick Vol. 6

This time it's Ethan Fowler from Stereo's "Tincan Folklore".  

Oh and Rob Straser can be seen here too...
Posted July 17th, 2009 by Earl's Show Got Canceled
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Message From Planet Bennettar

Matt thinks you should stop watching his life and go out and live yours'.  
If you're that bored, check out yesterday's mega-post.
Posted July 16th, 2009 by Do As I Say, Not As I Do
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Rvca Road Rager

Josh gets rad in a Denver ditch. 
Leonard en route. 
Sweet ride time.
Sexier Eyes himself, Dave Reyes.
Bloggers unite. Big Jim and Burn-Dog.
Saw a sweet rainbow on the way out.  I suppose I should throw a "no-homo" in here, just in case.
Jim again, with our awesome ride. '93 Caravan SE which stands for "Super Elegant", I believe. 
Leo got bummed about this spot being knobbed...
So Harms cheered him up with an Italian Ice and a song.  Kiedis of you, Josh.
It's okay to be afraid.
Leo challenged Dave to a rock off...
But Young David was more skilled than Leo anticipated...
So he called upon Charmony for the assist.
Prince dropped by for a minute.
Perhaps our luck is changing...
Then again.

Scope some footy of Flow rider Rob Straser

See some of Griffin's photographs from the Maloof Cup.
Posted July 15th, 2009 by 800 Duckets Lighter
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Billy at the Maloof Money Cup

Summing up the contest, unless Sinclair has more photos?
Getting some much needed meditation in. His bro Kobe taught him about meditating before your session. Also it was hotter than the devil's chode yesterday.
Billy wants you to watch this click here!
"My legs are fucked."
Billy double-flipped and half-cab flipped the Rincon stairs like he was just on his way to the store.
There was a kickflip before this "crooks."
Also easy for Bill: a mega-floating backside flip over the table.
Some of Bill's posse.
Elissa and BA. The next day Jamie T. was there. And Ed. Almost all of the Welcome to Hell roster.
These _________ (whose names cannot be mentioned by court order™)
We sat in the stands the whole time, watching over from above like a castrated turkey vulture. Sometimes Bill came to visit.
I missed all of the free schwag that was being thrown up into the stands, and I missed every time my opportunity to stab a hole in the floating ball that kept pinging off peoples' heads. A few companies went with the blow up plastic sticks that are simply used to bang together and make the most annoyingly loud clapping sound. After every day literally everyone suddenly realizes to themselves, "what the hell are these useful for now?' and throws them on the ground and steps on them, creating a battlefield of gunshot sounds as they pop all around the arena. Hey Landfill, open your puckered lips and accept just a little more one-time use plastic into your earthly belly.
Also from the stands I happened to be sitting behind (both days I might add, and different girls too, leaving me no choice but to surmise that the stands were comprised of one third industry people, one third general skateboarding fans, and one third specifically Ryan Sheckler fans.) a group of girls who had their digital cameras set to full zoom and whose arms swayed back and forth following Sheckler around the course. They squealed when he made a good trick, and creamed themselves when he took his shirt off confirming what we already knew that he is in fact Sheckler by way of SHECKLER tattooed in 6-inch-tall lettering across his shoulders. The girls all did a collective "Awwwwwww" when Shecklers' dad gave his son a cheek to cheek pep-talk before his session, or was it a prayer? Of all the things going on in this world would God be so benevolent as to make Ryan win a skateboard contest and hence $100,000 dollars? (And lets assume further, for fun, that the $100,000 prize money may just be to buy a Lamborghini to add to his quiver of cars.) I only mention a Lamborghini because one of the funnier answers to the question "What would you do with the $100,000?" was from Terry Kennedy who quickly and shortly replied, "Lamborghini.") (When the winner of the contest, Chris Cole was asked the same question he replied in a much more practical way saying, "Saving it in the bank." Smart kid.)
Yesterday I was sitting in the stands and a kid walks into the bench in front of me with his dad. He is wearing and Etnies shirt and a RedBull hat. He was busy eating a giant corn-dog. Just to test a theory I shouted out, "Whoa is that Sheckler?" And he almost jumped out of his seat, his head choppily scanning side to side like a birds might hoping to get a bearing on the Sheckler. It was fun. Ryan skated real good and took a manly slam trying to BS flip from the roof gap into the bank.
And of course on of the best parts about the Maloof is the free access to the OC Fair and the hot beef dip Grant was about to dip into.
Posted July 13th, 2009 by That's how the cookie crumbles so they say in the world of porn
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Kobe Bryant comes to watch Billy Marks...

(Even Kobe thinks they should donate the park instead of jackhammering it...)
He showed up and people went ape-shit.
He found a seat and started watching Bill get awesome.
Tre-flip lip...
Adam Dyet saying "Damn!"
Kobe was excited to see such skill.
In an interview he said, "All I do is run and jump and put a ball in a hoop. This Billy Marks spins his board 360 degrees while flipping it, don't forget that you have to ollie up first to make that happen, then land IN a lipslide on a handrail-!!! Now that is fucking hard." And the interviewer said, "Word."
Posted July 12th, 2009 by But Kobe makes much more, 50 mil a year.
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More Maloof for your Saturday

Usually we don't post on the weekend because it seems like everyone is out skating. Like they should be.

That's Silas Baxter Birney, er, Neal in the background, isn't it?
Posted July 11th, 2009 by be there all day today too!
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Maloof Cup practice day TWO

Ed came to see Billy shred up the course.
But I think Bill was on his way out. "I hate all these people here." He said, as he walked away.
Then I was telling everyone about Leo getting his ass kicked by a group of skaters in Denver. They loved it! True story, watch your back in Denver, the skaters there are so cool they beat up pros for no reason.
Corey D gets a high-five.
After I got kicked off the course, I chilled with the homies.
And caught up with BA. (who was seen boneless lipsliding rails...)
See what Leo Romero and Josh Harmony are up to today!
Get Johhny Layton Wallpapers for your computer!!!!!
Posted July 10th, 2009 by strange new feelings for sure.
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Austin's Weekly Video Pick Vol. 5

Ray Barbee in Powell-Peralta's "Ban This".  

Posted July 10th, 2009 by Ragdoll
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Bill Marks, warming up for the Maloof

Before the throngs of people come and tear his shirt off.
Testing out the course.
Signing up for his all access riders' pass.
Billy being Billy on the fake Rincon.
Surveying his surroundings. Looking for that one epic move that will push him over the edge in the judges mind, or just looking for the bathroom.
They should have added some topiary in this gap.
Secret move unveiled: The blunt to finger flip.
Honey, I got this thing in the bag...

What are Leo and Josh up to?

Scope this Free Lunch with johnny Layton...

Watch Kincade, Video-Drone...

And what is Nick T. up to?
Posted July 9th, 2009 by look up the word, Billy wants you to.
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A smattering of skateboarding...

Revolving around people who are factory-sponsored by Toy Machine.
Johnny vaults himself over a sizable wall with his "mega-ups."
Austin uses his "finesse" to perform a long bluntslide.
Gets the reward: Pain, it's always pain, but sometimes its glory and satisfaction.
This is Billy's son Catch contemplating what he will be doing with his birth gift, a complete Toy board, when he turns 12.
Our new line of baby products will be out this winter.
This photo taken in 1986 shows Jose Cerda doing a "Chavo-Cock" (named after Mark Gonzales, who did one in some contest...) And behind Jose awaiting his turn is a 14 year old Ed Templeton, probably getting ready for his "secret trick" the "Boneless finger-flip to Bean plant."

Things to do today with your time:
Watch the new Kincade #24

Check out the Ads, and Video-Drone too.
Posted July 8th, 2009 by Top photos by Griffin Collins, bottom ones I don't know.
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Go Skate Day in Costa Rica

the coolest kid in the bunch was repping Toy Machine.
Swarm the streets with your thunderous youthful masses.

New Logan Kincade for your viewing pleasure...

Updated the ADS Archive finally...

Oh yeah, be sure to watch the new Video-Drone
Posted July 7th, 2009 by The troll who lives under your moms skirt
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The Test Of Barley Grinds and Throwing Arms

Matt gets down with a Donny-sider.
Getting radical.
Caution: Ice Cream
All dressed up and nowhere to go.
Grif ripped through a fence to meet up with us.
Shin got dropped off by a blimp and instantly nollie heeled.  Kiedis entrance.
Suddenly a train pulled up onto the road, berserker style.
We saw the conductor holler back to someone on the caboose.
And I'll be damned if Austin didn't just jump off the end.
Matt shot the whole thing, but couldn't believe it.
Spot check?
Throwing like John Matrix.
Posted July 6th, 2009 by Navajo Name; Throws Like A Bitch
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R.I.P. M. Jackson

Now that you are dead, people still won't leave you alone.
Not even Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company.
Posted July 5th, 2009 by we love the dead more than the living
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Austin's Weekly Video Pick Vol. 4

Keith Hufnagel from Real's little seen masterpiece, "Non-Fiction".

Posted July 3rd, 2009 by John Velcorp
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An array of random photos from the week.
Leo in a moment of symbolism.
Grant gets tech.
Sinclair points out Grime's new face.
Grif lights a fat one.
Posted July 2nd, 2009 by Beggars Can't Be Choosers
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Grif's eye view.
Posted July 1st, 2009 by Logan Wipes His Ass With Yesterday's Post
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