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ed templeton

News From January 2004

Johnny Layton is a single man!?

The mighty JLay is now a single man. He’s recently broken up with his girl friend cause she “didn’t want a serious relationship”. Getcho game on playa.
Posted January 26th, 2004 by el ztaffo
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The Rowdy J-Lay

Johnny Layton just called to tell me he wants to get a lot of footage. And he wants it to be good. Prepare for doomsday. Stock up on food, batteries and fresh water, Good and Evil is coming...just ask J-Lizza.
Posted January 17th, 2004 by kevs
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The Toy Flobots

The Flobots have officially hit the California shores. Coming from Kansas City, Vancouver , and even as far as Corona, they've come to go hog for the Tempster and Monster Squad. The invasion has begun.
Posted January 16th, 2004 by Kevs
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Toy Machine gets a Filmer!

Toy Machine has hired the world famous Kevin Barnett to film the upcoming video called GOOD & EVIL.

So bite me.
Posted January 10th, 2004 by the templster
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