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News From June 2002

Winner for the month of May!

Holy Crap-ole. Brien likes to eat ravi-ole, out of his mom's bowlie. What are you talking about Willis! The madman himself, Brien the eastcoast powerhouse, has really done it this time. He was randomly selected to be the recepient of a pharisaical box of Toy Machine corruption. He wins an Ed Templeton blue girl board, 2 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees, a long sleeve thermal, the new belt-laces, a pack of buttons, a new cone spike belt, the 56mm Team Monster wheel, a sect wallet to put into his new black denim pants, a blue devil cat cap and some stickers for his butt. If you want to see the stuff Brien won, you'll have go all the way to Tully, NY. Cause that's where he lives. Email me and I will send you his address and we can send him boxes of turds and chain letters and stuff.

To enter next months drawing you will have to use the dropping down, fully automatic Ally Oop! menu bar. Just click on contests dumbass.

Posted June 28th, 2002 by el ztaffo
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Toy Machine in Europe.

Toy Machine just left to take over the European continent and is already hurting people with their hand railery. As you may have already heard, Caswell Berry placed 2nd at the Scandinavian Open. Look for Ed, Diego, Caswell, Austin and Deanna at the Grand Prix and Dortmund Contests.

You can also look for Nate Broussard to be joining the nefarious team on July 15th in Barcelona for Toy Machine's film/photo trip through Spain and France. The photos are being shot by Burnett and are going in an upcoming Thrasher article. The filming is being held on to for the upcoming Toy Machine video.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztarro
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The neglected Toy.

Josh Harmony got the cover of Thrasher! What’s up now sukkafishes! Mean while Caswell Berry places 2nd in the SCO this weekend. Toy Machine's third wind is turning out to be the best wind.

Toy Machine just got back from their Sucking the Life US tour. Word is that they did the best demos. Most shops were screaming, “better than Enjoi”. Other words were “best demo we ever had” and “kids were going nuts”. Check out for the notes from the road.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo
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Tour Update -from the horses mouth.

This is ed.

I am working on the tour story and it will be up sometime sooner or later.

We are going to Europe for the contests later this week.

Then off to film in Spain for a couple of weeks.

Posted June 14th, 2002 by Ed T
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Sucking the Life!!!!

The team finished up the tour yesterday and are now on their way home. It was a good tour, hell it was an excellent tour! They set a new standard of skateboard touring in their wake.

Nick at Sunsports - "Best demo we ever had, most succesfule ever!"

Shak at RQ - "Atleast 1000 kids, every obstacle was covered in kids."

Buddy at Rise - "everyone went nuts and attacked Ed."

Posted June 11th, 2002 by el uncreative
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Josh Harmony on the cover of Thrasher!

Josh Harmony got the cover of the new Thrasher! Wut up now sukka fishes.
Posted June 3rd, 2002 by el humbolt
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Notes from the road.

The Toy team has now killed over 11 demos. This last weekend it was Theory, Red Alert, Krudco and Sunsports.

Dan at Theory, "Amesome! Everyone was really excitd."

Allan at Krudco, "Dope! They killed it, people was pumped."

Stay tuned cause as soon as Ed can figure out his login and password to the Tum Yeto Admin Logon Screen of Death, he will be reporting directly from the road, via his lap top G5.

Posted June 3rd, 2002 by el tour master
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